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How do dogs recognize their favorite people?

You are certain that your dog will always recognize you immediately when you come into the room or when it is looking for you in the park. But why is that? Does he recognize you by smell, face, voice, your movements? Researchers say: The animals identify their favorite people by all of these things. Detected! Dogs can recognize people in different ways - Shutterstock / oneinchpunch

So far, it seemed clear that dogs recognize their favorite people by the smell of their enormously powerful dog nose. However, not everyone knows that the clever four-legged friends can also distinguish their human friends from others by their faces and their movements, i.e. the gestures.

The nose is the most important organ of recognition

A dog's sense of smell helps animals in almost all situations. For example, dogs smell many times better with their noses than, for example, humans with their. Within seconds, a dog can sniff out his favorite person and their individual smell - even in large crowds.

Dogs recognize faces

Through various experiments, researchers found that dogs can recognize human faces, even in pictures. In one experiment, the fur noses looked at photos of different people. The animals focused images with the portraits of people they were familiar with much more intensely than those of other people.

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Voice and gesture also important

Not only the dog's nose, but also the dog's hearing is extremely good. No wonder that dogs can distinguish voices and also identify their favorite people by their individual voices.

Gestures also play a role in the recognition process. Dogs have a keen sense of body language because, like most animals, they primarily communicate using body language. Every master and every woman moves differently - dogs register this.

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