How long does a cat scan take

How long does a cat scan take

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How long does a cat scan take?

I went to the vet on the 27th of April 2015 to get a full and weight check for my cat and got the typical vet experience. I got there at 7.30am and had to wait for at least 2 hours while my cat had 3 x cat scans at different angles, at which point he passed away a few minutes before the actual procedure was complete.

During the wait time, my cat was having seizures and thrashing around in his cage because of it. He wasn't having any symptoms of this prior to going to the vets and i felt terrible because i had to look at him thrashing around in pain and feel helpless to do anything for him.

After the scan they gave me the option of taking him in to the surgery and i chose that. They went ahead and anaesthetised him. When he woke up from the anaesthesia he only had one seizure. He was then given a medication to try and stop the seizures and then he was moved to another room, while i was waiting for a technician to finish and to bring him back. I waited around 4-5 hours for him to get back and they told me it would be another hour before he would be able to be weighed in.

They called me a couple hours later to tell me he'd passed away, i was told that they had been unable to stop the seizures and that he had died before they could get the weight done. I had already had enough and i had to do a funeral and put him down a few days later. I would never ever visit a vets like that again.

I took the cat home and it has been 5 months now and i am not 100% sure of what happened. A couple of days after he died I noticed he had a white substance on his bottom and it seemed to be getting bigger by the day and I had a bad feeling that something wasn't right with him, which it probably was.

I've heard from other people that his brain must have been swollen or something and because of that, the cat passed away. I know this is something I will always be haunted by but I can't really help it.

My family and I were so very sorry to hear this. Please do keep this in mind as well, the last thing we want to do is make you relive this.

When my cat was a kitten, I gave him his vaccinations because I wasn't sure how old he was, even though he was a very healthy, healthy kitten. Well, that all went terribly wrong. My sister was holding my cat and he started shaking his head violently back and forth, back and forth. I told my sister to stop it, because it hurt. After 5 seconds he stopped and got really calm. When she was holding him, his head was not moving at all.

Well, the next day when I fed him his food, he kept shaking his head and making hissing noises. So I told my sister that it must have hurt him because he acted like he was trying to say "don't do this", or "stop this", or something. I took him to the vet, they gave him anti-histamines, and sent me to the ER. The vet said that his brain was swollen, and told me that I had done the right thing by taking him to the ER. They sent me home with anti-histamines, but the vet said that he would have to stay in the hospital for at least 2 days, and my sister was going to have to stay with him to make sure that he was ok. She is afraid to take him home because he may never act normally again.

He did NOT pass away because of this. He never seemed to recover mentally after this incident. He never acted like he did before. He even acted like he was scared of a toy I was holding. He was my best friend and he still is. I miss him.

He is a Black Male, born at 7:45pm (Aug. 30, 2010). He was 7 1/2 lbs.

Oh, one more thing. He gets his shots when he is a puppy, because of a heart murmur. I gave him shots this past year. I didn't think he would die because I thought the shots would help him. I don't know if that is what killed him.

I would still love to know if my dog was sick or not. His symptoms were: trembling legs and a fever. He also had diarrhea. The diarrhea was more like stools that you would see if he had been poisoned. I also saw his poop change colors. It became yellow. I read on the web that it could be parasites in his intestines. It was like he was having heartburn. He also had a tick on his neck. I didn't want to take him to the vet because I wasn't sure if he had cancer. My family was very upset that I was taking him to the vet, because he was only 5 months old. It was an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. It was very hard for my parents and the family in general. If it was something that can be treated or not, I wanted to know. There were so many false leads and things that didn't seem to work. He got sicker and sicker. I just don't know what I did wrong. Maybe the tick did something? Was it a poison in his system? No one knew the truth.

On the first day, he would shake, tremble. That was about a month ago. I thought it was due to the fever. He stopped shaking after I used the doggy bed heater to help him. I bought the bed heater last week.

He had a low fever every day. Sometimes it would be 102. If I didn't take him to the vet, I felt like he would be very sick or would be passed out. I always told the family that if he did not have a fever, that it is OK. I read that a fever is a good thing. A dog has no problems with 102 or 103, but a fever could have killed a baby. I believe that his temperature increased and that the fever gave him energy to keep going. I also read on the Internet that he had a virus.

He lost a lot of weight. He was about 70 pounds and now he is about 62 pounds. I know he will outgrow the puppy stage, but I don't want him to stop growing. He is about 24 inches at the shoulder. I believe he will be 24 inches at full grown. He was also limping a lot when he was sick. I took him to the vet and his bloodwork was normal. I had no idea if his legs were hurt. I took him home and used his crate for five days.

I took him to the vet on Friday. The vet took his temperature. It was normal. On Saturday, he started to act very sick. He stopped eating, and had a fever of 102. I took him home and his temperature was still 102. It was very hard to watch him get worse. He went to the vet Sunday. I called and told the vet that we were bringing him in. He had the fever of 103 and a rash on his chest. He was also running a fever. I did not think the heaters were working, so I took the blankets out of the crate and wrapped him up with the warm towels. I took him to the emergency vet. He was not happy to see me. I think he felt bad about the crate. I think he was in bad shape.

He was put in the incubator, because he was lethargic. The vet started an IV, and then put him on a respirator. I was

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