Reacts quickly: Mama Eisbär saves baby from drowning

Reacts quickly: Mama Eisbär saves baby from drowning

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Uff! That was close! The little polar bear in the video has probably played a bit too cocky and suddenly falls into the water. But he's still a baby and can't swim! Luckily his mom jumps into the water and catches the animal in the last second.

The polar bear baby was very frightened when it suddenly slipped into the water with its plush bottom. But you can rely on Mama Eisbär: she holds her child with her front legs, nudges it lovingly with her snout and finally the polar bear cub manages to climb back on land.

There the two shake themselves thoroughly. The clumsy guy quickly recovers from his involuntary bath and frolics happily again. However, the polar bear cub now takes better care that it does not get too close to the pool edge. The little Knuffel has learned an important lesson with the help of his mom. In the end, the two cuddle and are glad that nothing bad has happened.

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