Do Silky Dogs Shed?

Do Silky Dogs Shed?

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Shedding is natural process for dogs. The tradeoff is high-maintenance grooming routines.

Dog Coats

Dog coats come in different textures, thicknesses and lengths, even among members of the same breed. Dog fur can be soft and silky, stiff and wiry, fuzzy, curly, waved or straight and even corded. Because many dogs have double coats, an individual dog can have some fur that is wiry and other fur that is silky. Other dogs have single coats, but the texture of their fur may vary across their bodies. A few dog breeds are almost completely hairless. These variables make it difficult to categorize some dogs by coat textures.


Shedding is influenced by the type of coat a dog has, the amount of waviness or curl in the coat and the length of the coat. Dogs considered light shedders actually do shed much like other dogs, but the loose hair gets caught up in their coats rather than falling off. This is the reason that most light-shedding breeds need a great deal more grooming to prevent matted fur. In addition to the regular shedding cycle, many double-coated dogs have excessive seasonal shedding to prepare their coats for very hot or very cold weather. The amount of sunlight they receive determines when they "blow out" their coats. Hormones, nutrition and allergies also play a role in an individual dog’s shedding cycle.

Light-Shedding Silky Dogs

Many silky-haired dog breeds are considered light shedders. These include the bichon frise, border terrier, cesky terrier, coton de tulear, Dandie Dinmont terrier, schnauzer, Havanese, Ibizan hound, lhasa apso, lowchen, Maltese, shih tzu, silky terrier and Yorkshire terrier. Low-shedding dogs are an ideal choice for pet owners who suffer from allergies or have no wish to constantly clean fur off furniture. The tradeoff is that these light-shedding dogs usually require frequent trips to the groomer to keep their coats in good shape.

Silky Dogs Who Shed

Other silky-haired dogs are moderate to heavy shedders. These include most terriers, collies, corgis, spaniels, setters and retrievers. In addition, the Pekingese, papillon, Anatolian shepherd dog, Bernese mountain dog, borzoi, Japanese chin, Canaan dog, keeshond, pharaoh hound, otterhound, vizla, Afghan hound and Saint Bernard are silky-haired breeds that shed quite a bit, whether they have long, medium or short hair.


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