Homemade Pet Halloween Costumes

Include your furry family member in Halloween fun this year and dress him up for trick or treating with a homemade costume. Steer clear of any toxic items that are off limits for both man and beast and have your pet on a leash at all times if you plan to take him door-to-door.

Spider Dog or Cat

This versatile spider costume will work for feline or canine. Remove the foam from inside a cat or dog's life vest. Cover the vest with black velvet fabric; pick some up at a sewing store, or you can look through your closet for something suitable. Purchase a large spider wall decoration and pull off the legs. Sew the legs to the side of the vest but make sure they don't drag on the ground when your pet walks. Cut them shorter if needed. Go the extra mile and purchase a pair of yellow-filmed goggles that will fit your pet's head.

Red Riding Hood and Granny

Send your pet duo out for trick or treating dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and her granny. Rummage through your daughter's room and pick out doll clothing to fit your animal. If your pet is particularly large, you can use your clothing for the costume.

Select a big floppy hat for granny, along with a pair of wire-rimmed specs and a lace-trimmed blouse. An old granny nightgown will do the trick. Hot glue the glasses to the hat so that they stay on your pet. Use a red, hooded sweatshirt for Red Riding Hood. Use a small red tablecloth as Red's cape. Use Velcro tape to affix the cape to the sweatshirt.

Pink Fairy Princess

Turn your furry angel into a pink princess this Halloween. This costume is especially humorous on larger dogs that look tough by day. Purchase a pattern from a sewing store to stitch your own pink princess costume for animals, or you can assemble items you find around the house and at a dollar store.

Select a slinky, pink camisole top to be the pet's shirt. Purchase a child's pink tulle ballet skirt for the bottom. Add four small pink furry hair scrunches to decorate each paw. The crowning accessory is the pair of pink fairy wings. Select a small pair of wings that have one elastic band that goes around the dog (or child). Avoid purchasing large wings because they can get in the pet's way when she walks.


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