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Thieving duo: Ragdolls Timo and Toby loot pantry

Thieving duo: Ragdolls Timo and Toby loot pantry

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The two Ragdoll tomes Timo and Toby are very cheeky and don't shy away from a little thief tour if they feel like treats.

"Ooooh, that smells very interesting behind this closet door," Ragdoll cat Toby seems to think as he stands in front of the pantry. He tries to open the cabinet door with his paw and pout.

Finally he succeeds. But, oh, how can you decide what to steal from this large selection of delicious cat food? Toby walks away first, but then comes back with his cat buddy Timo.

While Ragdoll tomcat Tim takes a long time and tries to get to the upper cupboard compartments, Toby simply pulls the first best bag from the bottom compartment. Pretty smart! But how should the two cats open the pack now?

Darn, they hadn't considered that before their thief tour. But don't worry, because the owner of the two fluffy cheeky faces gives them a treat at the end. Well, will the two of them get used to their attempts to pillage the pantry?

Stop naughty cat thieves from stealing

Some cats have it behind their ears. As soon as you don't look, they steal food ...


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