Walk with a duckling

Walk with a duckling

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Wobble, wobble, wobble ... the duckling in this video is still tiny, but is already very lively on foot and with its mini-crockery and the funny walk a very charming sight!

Small, fine and so sweet: The mini duck in this little film is named Vegeta and as you can see, she is a big fan of walks with her favorite person. As an orphan duck she grows up with people and seems to have settled in very well there.

The chick is only four weeks old on the recorded walk but is already adventurous like a really big one. She cheerfully storms ahead with running gear and wiggles her head diligently - it seems as if the trip will be a lot of fun!

Schnatterliesen: Do ducks not echo?

A common myth is that duck quacking and chattering would not echo ...


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