Corgi puppy practices descending stairs

Corgi puppy practices descending stairs

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It couldn't be cuter: Butterball, the cute corgi in this video, faces a task that is completely new to him. The cute dog is supposed to go down a few steps and is not quite sure how to do it.

"Hmm, how do I get down these stairs?" The sugar-sweet butterball is puzzled. His owner is waiting for him at the end of the stairs and tries to encourage the little guy to go down the few steps. But the puppy doesn't know exactly how to do it.

After the first stage has been completed, the puppy stops - apparently Butterball is considering how he can now successfully contest the rest. From time to time you can hear a quiet, uncertain squeak, but the owner apparently knows what she can do with her cute dog and encourages him to run down to her. And lo and behold: the corgi overcomes his fear and hops down the last steps. A clever and brave four-legged friend!

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