Akita Dog Name Ideas

Akita Dog Name Ideas

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Naming your dog is an important step in making him a part of the family, and each dog breed has unique characteristics that can sometimes provide insight into choosing the most appropriate name for your dog. Akitas, whether the Japanese style or American style, are taller, huskier dogs with a strong prey-drive and are often stereotyped as aggressive. Your Akita's personality, heritage and appearance, therefore, may all provide unique perspectives when choosing a name for your dog.

Japanese Akita names

Even if you own an American Akita, you may want to choose a traditional Japanese word or phrase to name your dog, since both breed styles were developed in Japan. The name "Momo" translates to "peach" in American and could be a good name for a beige-colored dog or a dog with a friendly personality. There are many other popular dog names in Japan that refer to yummy foods or positive pieces of culture. For the strong-willed Akita, "Ryu," meaning "dragon," could be an appropriate name.

Registering your Akita's name

Whether you own a Japanese Akita or an American Akita, registering your dog is an important step in making his name unique, especially if you plan to show or breed him. The American Kennel Club has specific regulations for registering names, such as an up-to-36-character limit. Dogs with names exceeding this limit can receive a maximum of 50 spaces for an additional fee. Be sure to check AKC guidelines before choosing an official name under which to register your Akita, and regardless of whether your first name choice is allowed, remember you can always affectionately call your dog by this name at home and his registered one if he enters the show ring.


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