Sad end: "problem bear" M13 shot

Sad end: "problem bear" M13 shot

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But it was sad: A hunter shot the "problem bear" M13 in the Swiss valley of Puschlav following an order to shoot. The animal was no longer afraid of people and threatened a couple on a walk. Swiss problem bear M13 shot - Image: Shutterstock / Henk Bentlage

Just yesterday reported on the "problem bear" M13 from the southern valley of the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. The brown bear woke up from its hibernation for the second time and caused trouble during its forays in search of food. As a result, an official shooting order was issued.

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Destiny like Bruno once: conservationists criticize the shooting

The conservation organization WWF criticizes the killing of the brown bear. According to the conservationists, the killing was much too early. The so-called scare measures should initially have been continued because the animal hardly had time to retreat. So M13 suffered the same sad fate that made the brown bear Bruno known in Germany and beyond in 2006.

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  • 21-02-2013 00:02:27

    perditaotto: Can humans stand over the animal? No, the animal has been around in this world for a long time ... and mostly survived if humans had not interfered !!! Report abuse
  • 20-02-2013 21:02:29

    sabinekoeninger: Of course you should have given the poor animal a chance !!!!! But man has regulated it again in a quick and cheap way !!!!!!!!!! Report abuse


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