Simon's Cat: Adventure in the cornfield

Simon's Cat: Adventure in the cornfield

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In this video, Simon's Cat goes stalking in a cornfield and experiences exciting adventures there. The cartoon cat desperately wants to catch one of the crickets startled by his bustle through the cornfield. But that turns out to be not so easy, not even for an experienced cat hunter.

"Stay here, you rebellious cricket!", Simon's Cat seems to want to say to the hops who don't dream of being caught by the cat. Once the cat already holds a grasshopper in its paws, but just when it wants to eat it, it jumps up and is eaten by a bird flying by. But is there still something moving between the ears? Simon's Cat whizzes into the cornfield and wants to catch the prey - but it is a giant pheasant that scares the cat. During his escape, he bumps into the scarecrow and suddenly runs through the field with his hat. In all the hustle and bustle, the cat overlooks the fact that a field mouse is right in front of its nose. And so the mouse gets away unscathed, while the cat longs for his warm, quiet home. But that was enough adventure for today.

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