Friendly and alert: the giant schnauzer

Friendly and alert: the giant schnauzer

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The giant schnauzer is a dog with a considerable size and a special character. Clever, stormy and clingy as he is, it all gets with him, just never boring. Dog with an exciting character: The Giant Schnauzer - Image: Shutterstock / Marcel Jancovic

With its multifaceted nature, the giant schnauzer is certainly not a dog for everyone. In the hands of owners who are well versed in the peculiarities and needs of this beautiful breed, it is a reliable companion and a wonderful friend for the whole family.

Faithful family dog ​​with a lot of energy

Under the right conditions, the mostly very confident giant schnauzer is very balanced. He is loving, gentle, sensitive to his favorite people and loves his cuddles very much. But he never forgets his own head. He is a loyal animal who likes a life with a close family. He can also do well with children - but when living with small children, one should never forget his size and his sometimes impetuous nature. It is important that you educate your four-legged friend well - there are tips in the guide: "Educate giant schnauzers: a challenge".

Smart animal that needs variety

The giant schnauzer is highly intelligent. Teaching him something is a pleasure because he realizes in a flash. He also has a lot of stamina, is nimble, playful and keen to run. This special character, coupled with his need for movement, ensure that the dog needs a task and a lot of variety to be happy. It is therefore essential that you not only challenge and encourage your giant schnauzer physically but also mentally. You can find tips on species-appropriate husbandry in our guide: "Giant Schnauzer: How to keep the bundle of energy".

Giant Schnauzer: pictures of the dog breed

A good guardian for house and yard

Even if the giant schnauzer is usually not particularly interested in strangers: when you enter the property for which it feels responsible, it changes. Whoever buys a giant schnauzer also acquires a good watchdog. Not only does his size inspire respect, but also his keen senses, thanks to which nothing escapes him. Beyond that he has a lot of talents due to his clever, movement-loving nature and can be used as a service dog in the most varied of tasks.

In the video you can find some information about the beautiful dog breed:

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