Is the snout handle suitable for dog training?

The snout handle, or snout handle, is used by some dog owners as a kind of "panacea" in dog training - the method is anything but effective and not only to be rejected. Animal rights activists describe the measure as brutal and absolutely unsuitable for the appropriate handling of animals. Better to kiss than to press painfully - A dog's snout is very sensitive - Shutterstock / Viktoria Minkova

The snout handle is a handle in which the dog owner grabs his four-legged friend from above over the snout and presses the lips against the teeth underneath with more or less pressure. This is very uncomfortable for dogs and sometimes very painful. Puppies and puppies sometimes cry out when the handle is applied against them. Therefore, you should not use this method to discipline your dog.

Snout grip: possible consequences of the brutal upbringing method

Animal rights activists and responsible dog owners denounce all forms of corporal punishment for dogs. The snout grip can be seen as an assault on the dog. It can even cause the dog to become afraid of the master's hand or mistress's hand, then snap and become aggressive.

If an animal is raised with pain, behavioral problems such as aggression or an anxiety disorder are usually the consequences. The friendship between humans and dogs can be permanently damaged. You can find tips on animal-friendly (non-violent) upbringing of your dog in the guides:
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Is the dog muzzle used by the dog?

Dog owners who justify the sniffing in dog training often make the argument that even the dog mother bites her puppies in the muzzle if they do not behave. Unfortunately, this cannot stop. In fact, dog mothers use the pull handle on their young if they do not want to hear even after repeated warnings in the event of undesirable behavior. However, the intrinsic snout grip is not comparable to the painful grip on the catch used by humans.

A dog mother would never grab so hard that her puppies feel pain and squeak. The intraspecific snout handle based on instinctive and extremely well-controlled by the mother dog behavior to her puppies to prescribe certain extent an educational break. The puppy immediately stops completely in the mom's mouth, calms down and is then released from the mother's catch. Once again: This measure from mother to puppy cannot be equated with a painful grip by a person on a dog's lips.

Dogs also playfully use the handle. without exerting any pressure, the dogs grab very tenderly after the snout of a same species, as can be seen beautiful here in the video:

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