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Hangover Maru relaxes in a super narrow box

Hangover Maru relaxes in a super narrow box

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Oh Maru, what are you doing again? No box is too narrow and no box is too small for the plushy Scottish Fold male from Japan. In this video, he has now chosen a particularly narrow box to relax. Is that so cozy? Maru thinks: Yes.

"Well? What's that?", Tom Maru seems to be asking himself when he sees the transparent plastic box, which is usually home to file folders and no fluffy balls on four paws. But Maru decided: This box is an excellent place to relax.

With a skillful somersault, it can be slid into the box. And lo and behold: it fits like a glove. Maru's paw and his puffy tail peek a little over the edge of the box - but a hangover like him can't be stopped from chilling.

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