Cats game ideas from leftovers from Christmas

Cats game ideas from leftovers from Christmas

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Rustling paper, crackling packaging, glittering and moving hangers everywhere - Christmas is a feast for the senses for cats as well as for people. So why just throw everything away after Christmas? These cat game ideas will give you new ideas on how the leftovers from Christmas can be converted into toys. For the Somali cat, the Christmas gift wrapping is the most beautiful - Picture: Shutterstock / Julia Shepeleva

Don't just pack away wrapping paper, empty boxes of packaging, filling material and straw stars - let yourself be inspired to craft and invent new ideas for your little darling.

Butchering gift boxes for cat game ideas

Take an empty box from a gift and the filling material in which it was packed. For example, wood wool, shredded paper or rice straw are suitable. Styrofoam, on the other hand, should not be left to your cat to play with, as it is toxic and could swallow the pellets. Remove the lid from the box and put the filling material in it. Then throw a treat in the box while your cat watches. This should be enough motivation for the animal to go looking for the reward.

You can also form balls out of wrapping paper, put them in the box and cut holes in the walls and lids that your kitty can reach through with her paws. Under the paper balls you can hide even more treats that your fur nose must then look for - this demands not only your physical but also your mental abilities and is fun. In the following video you can see a small handicraft instruction:

You refine the cat game idea with the box when you pull a bell or a ball on a ribbon through the box. Instead of wrapping paper leftovers, you can also use toilet paper rolls for your cat game ideas, as you can see in the video:

Cats and boxes: what fits, fits!

More cat game ideas from boxes

If you have ordered a lot of Christmas presents, you will probably still have some boxes around at home. You don't need to throw them away, you can use them to create wonderful game ideas for your cats. For example, an old shoebox and many strips of corrugated cardboard become a beautiful scratching board for the fur noses. You can find out how to do this in the next video:

With a little catnip you can make the homemade scratching board even more exciting. You can also cut cardboard boxes and wrapping paper into small pieces and pack the snippets in a disused sock or the sleeve of an old sweater together with a little catnip or valerian. Then tie the ends and tie a cord on them. Voilà! The homemade cat toy is ready.

Beautiful straw star mobile for shiny cat eyes

Did you hang straw stars for Christmas that have now served their purpose? Make a mobile out of it for your cat, but it will not survive long, because your cat will disassemble the rocking structure with pleasure. It is best if your straw stars are made from natural materials, i.e. bast and straw. Either you wind a bast wreath on which you hang the stars, or you cross wooden sticks. However, it is best to keep an eye on your cat when she is playing with her mobile if she accidentally swallows a piece of straw.


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