Buying a Carthusian cat: Tips for buying the Chartreux

Buying a Carthusian cat: Tips for buying the Chartreux

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If you want to buy the Carthusian cat from France, choose a very special pedigree cat that has many endearing qualities. Here you can find out what you should consider when buying the cat with the blue-gray fur named Chartreux in France. Carthusian cats are extremely pleasant velvet paws that exude a lot of calm with their natural beauty - Shutterstock / Tyler Fox

Carthusians are intelligent, cuddly, playful and at the same time have a calm and relaxed character. Particularly lovable: The Chartreux is a cat that adapts relatively quickly to new environments and owners - in general, it is usually very related to its heart people. However, this sometimes makes the blue-gray beauty somewhat demanding when it comes to employment.

Carthusian buy and employ a cat

It is best to bring a Carthusian cat into your home only if you can devote enough time to it. The velvet paws with the amber eyes can be very human-related and have a play instinct that should be satisfied.

If you work all day, it is better if you bring in a second cat so that there is no boredom or the fur nose feels lonely. Basically, there should be play options such as a scratching post and other cat toys.

Buy pedigree cat: recognize dubious breeders

If you want to buy a pedigree cat, make sure that you are not dubious ...

Interesting facts about buying a Chartreux

The best way to buy a Carthusian cat is from a reputable breeder. In the guide "Buy pedigree cat: How to recognize good breeders" you will find important tips. When the new family member has arrived at home, you should make sure that everything is available that the kitty needs: litter boxes, litter, cat food, toys and the like are best bought in advance.

Chartreux cats usually don't need more grooming than other breeds, but you should brush their beautiful fur regularly. The litter box must always be clean so that there is no mess. High quality cat food is a prerequisite for happy and healthy Carthusians.

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