Husky cattle dog mix

Husky cattle dog mix

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Husky cattle dog mix with German Shepherd

Husky cattle dog mix with German Shepherd

Hello Everyone, my name is Serenity, I have my first set of puppies due around Oct 29th, i will be adopting them out to a nice home. I bought them from a reputable breeder in Indiana, they are all American/pure bred hyracous cattle dogs mixed with German shepherds. My goal in raising them is to help find homes for the rescue that doesn't have room or can't afford to take a large dog, and they can't afford the dog food or the vet bill. i am not a trainer and I have not received any training in my raising of them, I want to pass the knowledge and love i have for them on to their new owners and be blessed by them in return for my gift. i have a large house in the country and i have two acres, any help or offers for them would be greatly appreciated, and any information regarding them you can share would be a great help, thanks in advance.


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The American Cattle Dog (Husky) was originally called "coyote dog" or "wild dog". It's a subtype of the larger group of the Cattle Dog breeds called the Cattle Dogs. Many of the dog's ancestors lived on the prairies of the USA. They were the first dogs bred by the American pioneers to be used as cattle herding dogs. For centuries these dogs were used to herder the herds of cattle they accompanied.

When the need for cattle herding was no longer needed and became more as a companion, this led to a few dog breeds becoming the companion/pet dogs of humans, which lead to a decline in the use of the American Cattle Dog. Most of the dogs were bred to be less aggressive, and less interested in fighting, and to be more gentle.

These dogs began to lose their hunting and herding abilities due to the decline of their use, thus leaving them to live as pet dogs for humans. Through the years, dog breeding companies have created a few new versions of the Cattle Dogs, and now, the American Cattle Dog has became a very common breed to own as a pet and as a family dog.

The Cattle Dogs are also very active dogs, and require an owner to give them daily exercise and exercise time. They are one of the fastest breeds, so you must have a dog house with a secure fence, that provides your dog with a nice place to live. They are loving, loyal and protective dogs.

They get along well with other pets and most children. The Cattle Dogs are intelligent dogs, so they learn a lot quickly and are great with children.

The Cattle Dogs are hardy and can withstand extremes of weather and do not need a lot of food. They are considered to be a medium size dog, and weigh anywhere from 50 to 80 lbs.

American Cattle Dogs do need love and care, and should be fed a high quality protein diet, and a balanced mixture of vitamins, and minerals. You can read more about the American Cattle Dogs in our American Cattle Dogs article.

The American Cattle Dog is a large and powerful dog breed with a wide head and short, powerful limbs. They have thick double coats, and a sturdy build. The American Cattle Dog has a long, loose, and powerful tail.

They have an athletic and energetic appearance. They have a large nose and big ears, and they have dark almond shaped eyes, that often look like black pearls. The American Cattle Dogs have a powerful personality, which is great for them, but can be a little problematic when owners are not sure how to get their Cattle Dog’s attention. They are easy to train.

The American Cattle Dog can be difficult to house train, because they like to relieve themselves wherever and whenever they feel like it, and this can be difficult for owners to deal with. Because of this, they should be trained from a young age.

The American Cattle Dog is not the most athletic dog. They need enough exercise to maintain good physical health. However, they can be quite a fast and agile runner. They enjoy agility and other activity oriented training.

American Cattle Dogs are not the best guard dogs, but they can be effective as a watch dog or security dog. They can also be excellent pets, as they are happy to love and cuddle.

The Cattle Dogs should be fed a high quality protein diet, and a balanced mixture of vitamins, and minerals. They can consume anywhere from 4 to 8 lbs of food per day, depending on their activity level.

The American Cattle Dog’s coat will require regular brushing, at least once per week, and sometimes multiple times per week. Their fur will require the application of a dog coat conditioner at least once per month.


American Cattle Dogs are generally very healthy dogs. They require low amounts of protein and fat in their food, and high amounts of vegetables. They do not require any special supplements, as they are very healthy and well fed. However, they do require daily activity to maintain good health, and to prevent joint and muscle problems.

They may suffer from hip dysplasia, but this is easily treated. Because of this, you should make sure that you are giving them a balanced diet, which includes exercise.

Hip dysplasia is a genetic disorder that is found in the majority of Cattle Dogs. It is the most common inherited problem in dogs, and the condition occurs most often in breeds that are large and robust, like the American Cattle Dog. The joint problems in hip dysplasia tend to occur when the dog is older, and they will be more common if the dog does not receive regular exercise and play time. The owners of dogs with hip dysplasia should seek out a qualified veterinarian for diagnosis, and treatment, and they should take the dog to a specialized vet, or a vet who has experience with the problem.


American Cattle Dogs are good with children and other animals. They are very gentle and well behaved, and they will make great house pets. Because of their gentle temperament, they are great for people with allergies or other health problems. They do not tend to make good watchdogs, though they are friendly enough, and will often want to greet you with a loud bark when you come home. They are great dogs for people who don’t have much time to devote to them, or who are looking for a dog who needs a little more attention than a common or garden pet.

American Cattle Dogs do not make very good therapy dogs, due to their short coats. However, many of the breed have had the genetics to be great therapy dogs. There are some exceptions, like Boston Terriers. Boston Terriers are great therapy dogs, because they are very social and friendly. They make good therapy dogs because of their ability to understand body language, and their gentle natures. They tend to bond to their handlers, and they make great lap dogs.

The American Cattle Dog is one of the smallest of the dog breeds, and they often have small stature, or even appear to be toy breeds. They tend to be very happy and friendly dogs, which makes them great for younger children. This is a good breed for apartment dwellers and renters. This is not a breed that will need a great deal of exercise, and they are usually happy being at home all day.

All in all, the American Cattle Dog

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