Dog hiccups in sleep

Dog hiccups in sleep

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Dog hiccups in sleep

I found this website that describes about a 1 year old dog with hiccups which were occurring throughout the night. It mentioned the first treatment was to put the dog on one of 2 meds:



I read this and though to give pizotyline to my dog to try it, so I ordered it online. I then used the dog's regular vet to give the other one (cimetidine) to him and within 1/2 hr he stopped. I have done a bunch of research and found that the site that suggested the 2 meds also suggested that both meds should be given in the morning and that they are very effective. I was wondering if anyone had any info that would help me go with the pizotyline, and if anyone could suggest other treatments for my dog, i would be thankful. Thanks!!

The first drug can cause loose stool so you should keep an eye on the size of it if he does this. The second drug is a very strong drug, and will cause side effects if it is abused in a dog.

The medication that you need to use is Zonbit, a tablet that works better than the ones you mentioned. It is only used for hiccups that occur in sleep. I had to give my dog 2 1/2 tabs, and within 20 minutes of taking them she stopped.

You could take my advice, but I don't know that it is the best advice. We have to be careful not to overmedicate our dogs, because they can actually become sick. When the symptoms are controlled and not too severe, then it is okay to give a stronger drug. Cimetidine may work in conjunction with Zonbit to be stronger than Zonbit alone.

As a general rule, I will not give Zonbit to dogs under 6 months. We started with 1/4 teaspoon a day, and my dog got sick. The dosage is not increased until the dog becomes well.

If the symptom is caused by drinking water or by eating, you could give a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon (depending on the dog) of citric acid in the water or in the food.

The citric acid in the water will make the hiccup go away in about 5 minutes, but you have to keep the dog away from the water for a few hours. If you use the citric acid in the food, I would advise having the dog eat dry food for a few hours to avoid stomach upset. If you decide to try this, the dog will need a daily dosage of citric acid in the food for 2-3 days.

The main problem with hiccuping is that it can be dangerous. The dog could stop breathing while in the throes of a hiccup. If you notice this, you have to take the dog to the vet immediately, or keep them from drinking the water until the vet is able to treat them. You can try to hold the dog upside down to help drain their stomach, but I do not recommend this method because it is very painful.

Hiccuping is an inherited disorder, and it can be quite irritating to the dog owner, and the dog who has the problem. However, the good news is that it is very controllable, and the frequency and severity of the problem decreases as the dog grows older.

I wish you, the dog owner, a healthier, happier dog!

(The article on Hiccuping was published on my site, My Dog's Life. I have since purchased a second site, and decided to include the link here on Hiccuping in the hope that it will help some of the new readers. Thank you for visiting!)

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