Nutrition: The right food for a senior dog

Nutrition: The right food for a senior dog

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Senior dogs needed a very special diet. Often these aged four-legged friends have weight problems or certain organs are affected. Proper feed is important here to relieve any pain and make dog life easier. Image: Shutterstock / Monika Wisniewska

Proper nutrition for your senior dog

If your four-legged friend is getting on in years, it is advisable to offer him the right food for his special needs. Your darling will no longer be able to use some important substances in normal food as well as they did in their youth. It is therefore important that the ingredients are particularly easy to use and easy to digest. The nutrients should also be wholesome and reduced in energy. Your dog will develop a slight overweight in old age because it burns less energy and creates fat reserves. So that your four-legged friend can still run around fit and agile, the feeding must be adjusted accordingly. Your loyal friend may also have dental problems. They are easier to endure with wet food.

If your older companion also has serious health problems, the food should also be changed here. For various diseases, special medical diet feed can be prescribed by the veterinarian. A balanced diet cannot cure a disease, but it can often delay it significantly and alleviate the symptoms. Therefore, you should calmly discuss with your veterinarian which food makes the most sense for your senior. After all, you want to keep your animal best friend for a while, preferably in a healthy and happy state.

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