Miley Cyrus: Dog Lila killed by playmate Ziggy

Miley Cyrus: Dog Lila killed by playmate Ziggy

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Singer and actress Miley Cyrus is devastated: In deep sadness, the 20-year-old tweeted that her Yorkshire Terrier Lila had died. After it was initially unclear how this accident happened, Miley's mother spoke up on Twitter and revealed that Ziggy, another dog in the family, had killed Lila. Miley Cyrus: Dog Lila killed by playmate Ziggy - Photo: Twitter / MileyCyrus

She wouldn't think of a good reason why she should get up today - with these words, the young talent tells the fans about her feelings after Lila's death. The other Twitter messages from Miley Cyrus testify to the depth of the pain over the loss: she had never been so hurt and her heart never broken.

Many can understand how much the loss of the beloved dog hurts. But the fact that another dog in the family, Ziggy, is responsible for the death of the little Yorkshire Terrier, gives the accident even greater tragedy. Even the family could not answer the question whether the bulldog lady unintentionally or unintentionally grabbed the little purple in the game. Nevertheless, they handed Ziggy over to a new owner - perhaps for fear that she might do something to the three remaining dogs, Floyd, Mary Jane and Happy. Hopefully Miley Cyrus will be able to laugh again soon and that Ziggy will be fine in her new home.

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