Tapir baby from Leipzig Zoo is now called "Baru"

Tapir baby from Leipzig Zoo is now called "Baru"

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Wow, the name search for the saddleback tapir from the Leipzig Zoo was a complete success: 4,500 suggestions from all over the world were made for the new visitor attraction. Henceforth the little tapir goes by the name "Baru". - Photo: 2013 Facebook / Leipzig Zoo

- Photo: 2013 Facebook / Leipzig Zoo

The cute tapir baby is currently the hit in Leipzig Zoo and the legitimate successor to the squinting possum Heidi, which caused a sensation until 2011. Until March 10, fans from all over the world could suggest a name for the cute animal. A jury was now evaluating the suggestions and four names remained.

Tapir could "choose" his own name

The different initials of the four remaining names were written on apples. Then the tapir was spoiled for choice to pre-button an apple first. The name "Baru" finally won. The term actually comes from Indonesian. Translated, it simply means "the new one" - a perfectly fitting name, since it also sounds very cute.


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