Is dog with a blog on hulu

Is dog with a blog on hulu

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Is dog with a blog on hulu a hoax?

I saw that my name is on hulu and some people say its a fake. I thought it was cool so i created a account. But after a month or so no posts and no comments or anything. Whats up with that. Any info would be good. Thank you

i'm gonna go for the hulu thing, since it's been around for awhile...but yeah, i was kind of surprised that there wasn't any "official" info on it. either way, i would like to see some kind of explanation if it was a hoax or not.

The dog seems to have been involved in a lot of hulu hoaxes. The only official response we have gotten was that an IP was caught posting from the hulu IP and in the last few days he has deleted his hulu account.

No one has actually met the dog, his home address is all there is. he might even be living in the dog house on someones dog house....or maybe he's even someones favorite furry friend....we just don't know.

In the time that hulu was around I have seen the dog involved in a few prank phone calls as well as some hulu hoaxes. He is a great prank caller.

The hulu account he has created with me is still online. I have no idea why he is so persistent. I have offered to meet him at some point to bring him home, but have heard no response. I am wondering if he got banned for his constant posts. Or if his IP got turned off or blocked. I do not know, but if you send me a PM I will reply, but I am still on vacation until the middle of November.

Awwww, you're probably wondering why I never showed up...I can't blame you! He has been very strange. He has not even come to my house. I even emailed hulu a couple times when I heard they had shut down his account and never heard back.

I think he is just some lonely kid who has never been with a girl and thinks he can just get away with stuff with no real consequences. I wish there was something I could do to help, but I really just have no clue.

If he is in your area, would it be possible to drop by to meet him and take him home? I would love to get him to my home. I would feed him, give him my bed to sleep in and play with his Xbox while he stays with me for a week or two until I find a family to take him.

In a nutshell:

What I have noticed so far:

-He thinks nothing bad will happen if he keeps posting/updating on Facebook.

-He thinks he can delete his posts whenever he pleases and delete himself from all our profiles.

-He thinks he can get away with as much as he wants to.

-He thinks he can get away with anything he wants to.

He may be lying, I don't know, but what if he's not? How can we help him?

I am just in the middle of a long vacation right now. I won't be home until Tuesday November 5th. As soon as I get back, I will have him checked out by a vet and will call you when I can get to the phone. I understand you need to find him a family, so you know where to place him, etc. Please wait for me!

I called a few animal control centers in your area. They can not find him. He was found Saturday afternoon. The last thing he got in was the local shelter around 2:30 in the afternoon. As far as getting your cell phone information and finding the vet, those things you would need to do that for someone else but what if it's your son?

I do know a vet in your area and he is very good. I will give you his number if that is helpful.

Thanks. He's really worried that we're going to make him leave the property.

He's been gone since Sunday and I'll check out the vet on Tuesday. I'm sure the shelter isn't doing anything to help us find him because they never find anything. I just want him to come home to his brother, sister and me because it is very important to us that he is not put in a shelter or killed. Thanks for your input.

I really appreciate this. I don't understand why someone would do this to a dog. I have a friend that did this too, he would take the dog out for walks every day in his spare time, and he would never let the dog out on his own for a walk. He was so scared that his wife would get mad at him.

I hope that this person will be caught and if they did it to your dog's brother...if he will forgive him. It's very traumatic to us.

Your friend needs some serious help. It is not appropriate to do what you are talking about to your dogs. It would also be in your dogs best interest to have a vet run a check on him ASAP.

Please don't hesitate to post on this topic here. Lots of us have experienced this type of situation and we can help in many ways!

thanks for this forum.I think my friend is just in denial. He has never been a dog person. He loves animals but the last few years he hasnt seemed to care for them. They live in a box in the backyard. He is more comfortable with the dog then himself. He just doesnt know what to do. I can see how he can come to the conclusion to keep him. But if he was to try and find him a better home. He might not feel comfortable about trying to find him someone to adopt him. I cant talk to him about this. We have a child and a job and we dont want to cause another problem. he is in fear that if something happens that we are going to be angry with him. We cant do anything to help him because we are just afraid to. He doesnt want to take him to a vet and give him the injections that he needs. He is so scared to leave him. Even when I have offered to drive an hour and drop him off. The last time I tried to I had to run out of gas and my car battery died. I really dont know what to do. I would just be

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