How to apologize to your dog

How to apologize to your dog

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How to apologize to your dog

For the dog who always tries to lick my face

As a pet owner myself, I’m often asked about the etiquette of petting one’s dog. There are many reasons why people want to give or receive pets, so please don’t take my advice as a way of shaming you or calling you a bad dog owner. My purpose is simply to educate.

My dog, Lulu, often comes in the office with me to visit my colleagues and me. When she does, she greets them first, usually by sniffing their hands. Lulu also likes to lie down on their laps and lick their faces. The only time I object to her behavior is when I am at my desk and my colleagues have their hands occupied with their laptops or phones.

She doesn’t mean any harm and she’s just being a puppy. But I can’t stand it when she starts licking faces. It’s the same way as when I used to give my toddler dog kisses. They were not in any way affectionate acts on my part and I do not consider it appropriate to give my dog the same.

One time, I saw Lulu lick my colleague’s face. I was shocked and asked her to stop. Lulu looked at me like I was crazy and then she went back to licking her colleague’s face. I was mortified and told my colleague that I was not comfortable having my dog lick their face, but I also wasn’t comfortable with them being subjected to a dog’s saliva either.

What do you think is the right way to handle this situation? Do you find it rude when I ask my dog to stop licking my colleagues’ faces? I would like to give my dog some respect and I do not want to put my dog in a position where I feel uncomfortable.

It seems that no one has a definitive answer. In my experience, there are a few methods to handle this situation.

1. Apologize

I apologize first to my dog and my colleagues. I expln why I am asking for the behavior to stop. I do this not out of shame but because I want to set a good example. I am comfortable with the fact that dogs lick other dogs’ faces. I just want to teach my dog not to do this to humans.

When I do ask my dog to stop licking their faces, my colleagues are surprised at first but then become less judgmental and forgiving. I also give them all the credit for being tolerant and understanding of Lulu and me. I think my dog has a good chance to succeed because my dog and I have established a positive relationship.

I do not think my dog is being rude when she licks the faces of my colleagues. She is simply being a puppy. I think a lot of dog owners would agree with me.

2. Teach Lulu not to lick people

Another option would be to teach my dog that licking the faces of other dogs is not acceptable. I use a spray bottle of water to teach my dog not to lick my dog’s own face and other people’s faces. As soon as she begins to lick other dogs’ faces, I spray her. It is not an unpleasant experience for her, but she gets a reminder each time she starts to lick someone’s face.

I think this is a more direct approach. There is no room for interpretation as to what is rude or not. Lulu is simply not allowed to lick other dogs’ faces.

3. Ignore

One option that I have never taken is to ignore my dog’s behavior. I guess that I could just choose not to give any attention to Lulu when she is licking faces. But that is just too much to bear.

I’m guessing that you and your colleagues are all adults. Your dog is a puppy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a puppy’s behavior. But I do not find any of the aforementioned options a good option. So if you do choose to ignore your dog’s behavior, can you expln why?

The reason I say that none of the above options are good is because you’ve already addressed the issue.

As you know, Lulu is the one licking other dogs’ faces and you are not comfortable with it. So, you have already apologized to Lulu.

You already took the time to expln the reason why.

You have already told Lulu that her licking is unacceptable.

I have no doubt that you want your dog to be a good citizen and not lick other people’s faces. But you have already made an effort to teach her not to lick other dogs’ faces. The only thing that remns now is for you to reinforce that lesson every time Lulu licks a person’s face.

Now, I know that it may not always be feasible for you to follow through on this. That is okay. You don’t have to do this all the time. Just when Lulu is behaving rudely, make sure that you tell her not to lick faces. You are making sure that Lulu has the correct lesson.

What do you think of my suggestions? Do you disagree with any of them? Let me know in the comments.

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Hi Mitesh,

If it is just one dog that behaves like this, then I’d just make sure they understand that you are asking them to be careful. It is a friendly warning. I’m not sure about teaching your dog that licking faces is not ok, I’

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