Why does my dog not want to sleep with me

Why does my dog not want to sleep with me

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Why does my dog not want to sleep with me at night?

I am having a major problem and was hoping you could help me, I am new to dogs.

My dog will not sleep with me at night, the first thing I do in the morning is put him on his bed. He is usually ok, it is usually after a while he will get up and walk over to me and sleep with me.

But then in the evening he refuses to get up, even if I put him in his crate, and even if I get up and go to him. When this happens it is really bad. My dog has never had a problem with this.

I am wondering if it could be my crate? I did notice when he sleeps in the crate he is not barking or whining, but when I go in the morning and put him on his bed, it can be very noisy. I will have to get the dog trner from work tomorrow and get his opinion.

If it is my crate, what else can I use? I thought of putting the crate in the bed, and then putting a big pillow under his feet?

I am also thinking that he might be afrd that the bed is too hard? It is the dog's bed, but not his own, so he is afrd of it being too hard. He seems fine with it though when it is a soft bed.

Is this possible? I don't know if the fact that I can't see him in the crate makes it more hard for him? He also sleeps in a crate during the day, so I don't think this is a problem.

Comments for Does my dog not want to sleep with me at night?

Your dog is afrd of the bed you bought because he doesn't like the hard bed, not because it's too big or too soft. Your dog would be happier with a large bed like a kennel or dog crate. He's afrd of the bed and trying to force him to sleep with you is only causing you more frustration and he's getting annoyed. You might consider a heated bed so that he has no choice but to sleep in it.

Dogs are smart enough to figure out that when we don't care for them they will not be cared for, we don't even have to expln why it's the case. It's not like they have a dog daycare centre where they can be pampered.

We've had 2 dogs. The second one was in the dog daycare centre from the time she was 3 weeks old until she was 11 years old. We were always there during the day while the daycare centre was open.

The first dog was always by herself for the entire day, the other dogs were just there to keep her company and play. At 11 years old she still acted like a little dog, jumping and playing and running after us when we were outside. She wouldn't let me take her out by herself and I didn't care that much for her.

If you have a puppy, it's not their fault they don't want to sleep with you. It's your fault if you don't love them enough.

Mar 7, 2015Rating

Sleep with him in his bed by Alyssa D.Henderson

I have had a problem with my dog not wanting to sleep with me. I have tried different ways to get him to sleep with me, but it was to no avl. It is just as if he knows he will not be getting any affection that way. It has made me so frustrated that I have decided to do a search for a solution. It would be great to know what you did to get it to work. My dog was born in July and I am now in October.

Mar 7, 2015Rating

sleep with him in his bed by Roxy

I have tried everything and everything is not working. He does not want to sleep with me. I know if I did not sleep with him he would sleep in his crate but I can't stand to sleep in the crate and I think he thinks that since I am sleeping in the crate that I don't care about him.

I do care about him, and I am a very loving person. I would love to have a solution to my problem and it would be a great help if you had any advice on this.

Mar 7, 2015Rating

Sleep with him in his bed by jean

i got my dog when he was a little puppy, it was love at first sight. he was the only dog i knew what was going to happen when he was a puppy and was very loyal. i was just looking for an opinion as i don't have a dog day care place like in the city where they could keep him all day long. he was a good dog. but my husband had to work so it was just me and my dog. i bought him a nice large bed. but when my husband got back from work, my dog would never sleep in his bed. he always slept with me in his crate. i guess he had seen that as being alone, as i did not like to leave my dog alone. but, when my husband started coming home later and later, my dog got so upset, he would not even sleep with me. he always tried to sleep with me in his crate. but would get upset with me if i tried to take him out.

Mar 6, 2015Rating

Sleep with him in his bed by Alyssa D.Henderson

I am sorry that I can not give you any advice.

Mar 6, 2015Rating

Sleep with him in his bed by Sarah

My husband is having a really hard time trying to get our dog to sleep with us at night. I am not sure why he is not sleeping with us, but it is really upsetting to us.

Mar 5, 2015Rating

Sleep with him in his bed by Roxy

My dog will not sleep with me in his bed. I sleep in a bed with my dog and he is fine with that. But when I try to go to bed at night he is always up barking and trying to climb into my bed

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