Dog and duck summerville

Dog and duck summerville

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Dog and duck summerville alabama

Dog and duck summerville alabama

I dont go to any parks, but I am curious as to how a person would actually know where this came from (especially since the area is so remote and the trl runs thru a wooded area) - anyone have any ideas or know of any other parks that could be involved?

Any chance it was one of the summerville parks in the area? I did find one near this location, which is about 5-6 miles from the river. Anyone familiar with the trls? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Stacey O

Hiya all,

I am trying to figure out the source of this (possibly) old arrowhead.

I found it in a local park and am trying to figure out the approximate age of the material/geology it was found in.

There is no "trl" in the sense you think of it. The arrowhead came from a tree stump that had the end broken off and then someone or something made it into a point. You can see the original tree stump near the arrowhead and there are still some small branches that would have held it in place. That sd, there are some old growth pines nearby that would be the best place to look for more material of the same type.

I do not know anything about the location but the trees and vegetation make it quite obvious that you are not looking at a modern arrowhead.

The arrowheads I have come across are typically found in the central part of the state. For example, arrowheads in my family's personal collection are from locations around Gadsden, Etowah, Madison, Barbour, Clay, Russell, Monroe, Etowah, and Winston counties. I have also found arrowheads in other areas in AL, MS, GA, FL and NC.

It is difficult to state for sure what region you are located in without some kind of local knowledge.

In the western part of the state, arrowheads tend to have a flat plane at one end and very small triangular points at the other. The flat plane ends are typically found in Gadsden, Madison and Jackson counties. In all the areas I have mentioned, Jackson County has the most arrowheads of any other county. Some of the arrowheads that I have found there in my personal collection have a flat plane and triangular point and are of the shape of a long leaf. One, however, in my collection is very similar to the arrowhead shown here and is from the area near Athens.

In the eastern part of the state, the arrowheads found tend to be of a more rounded variety. My family has come across a lot of rounded arrowheads in Monroe County, especially around Atmore.

The arrowhead pictured here seems to be more like a small arrowhead used by the Cherokee people than one made by settlers. I have never come across an example of an arrowhead with a flat plane and triangular point.

From my personal collection, I have a large amount of arrowheads from all over the state. I have found arrowheads from north Alabama, east Alabama, west Alabama, north Georgia, north Mississippi, west Florida, south Mississippi, and east Tennessee. Alabama has been a constant in my personal collection. As of right now, I have not identified all of my Alabama arrowheads. In a post on this blog a while ago, I had posted a photo of the arrowhead that I had found in Jackson County, Alabama. I had then found the actual arrowhead and now want to get to work on identifying that particular example.

In all likelihood, I will find even more arrowheads to identify from the many areas where I have had arrowheads from. Some may be from the area in which I live now and some may be from my past travels in the United States. However, it will always be my goal to find out the history of the arrowheads that I have found and to make note of them. Hopefully, that will create an interesting addition to my blog. If you find any interesting ones or if I come across any while I am working on my various projects, let me know.

I received my first order of arrowheads from someone recently. Here is a photo of the box with the order. It has a wonderful assortment of arrowheads and the person who sent them even has some of the original examples. The arrows are a nice addition to my collection and the box is also nice in that it stands apart a little. It adds to the value of my collection.

As I write this, my daughter is watching a movie on Netflix. I have been looking at my phone and trying to figure out if I have any time to go on with my research for the next couple of days. I am very happy that my phone is on my desk and it is a lot easier for me to go to my Google Drive to do my research.

In my last post, I had mentioned that I am currently researching the history of the Indians. The first research I have done involves some of the tribes of the Southeast. I found a lot of material on the Shawnee and the Mingo on the Internet. On the Internet, you can find a lot of good information. You can find articles that you would find on Wikipedia. However, it has also given me a lot of material that has turned out to be very disappointing.

The Mingo tribe of the United States is based on a group of people who were related to the Shawnee. They were once thought to have migrated from Europe. According to many articles, they moved to Virginia and Tennessee. I am trying to find out if there is any connection between the Shawnee and the Mingo tribe of the United States. I am finding some of this information on the Internet. However, I am also finding some of it on a site called There is so much information on the Internet and it is possible that someone is using information they found on a site like to promote their own business or line of products. I am trying to read between the lines and see if there is any validity to the information I am reading.

I would have to go to another site called There I can see if I can find out more about the Mingo tribe. For now, I am having to be very careful. I have seen a lot of misinformation. One of the things I have learned from my research is that it is easy to become confused about a lot of information you are reading online. There is a lot of misinformation.

The Shawnee are considered to be of Cherokee Indian ancestry. The Cherokee and the Shawnee are very similar. I am trying to see if the two tribes are related. My mother is a member of the Cherokee tribe of the United States. My father was born on the Shawnee Indian Reservation in Kansas. The Shawnee and the Cherokee are very similar.

The Shawnee tribe of the United States is made up of an Indian tribe called the Shawnee. This tribe was known to be made up of the Shawnee. This tribe was a great people and was very well educated. They were well known in the late 1700s and in the early 1800

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