Lake george dog park

Lake george dog park

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Lake george dog park update

Just received an email from the mayor informing the board of what is coming down at my neighborhood dog park. A few updates for everyone.

1. The city wants to expand the size of the playground. This has been on the books since 2006. In December the city received grant money from the NACo office for the expansion which was awarded to them in July 2009. The city will be meeting with our attorney on Monday of this week to work out the details of the expansion.

2. They have also decided to close the park after dark. I know this is not really a huge issue but I want everyone to know why this is happening. The city recently hired a new law enforcement officer to enforce the park hours. They have been enforcing the hours on the weekends because the new officer had not been trained on how to enforce it yet. We also have new officers in every neighborhood in the city. As a result of all the officers they will no longer be able to cover the entire park and will therefore be closing it at night.

3. The city is now going to be using the park on the weekends for a lot of activities. This is good news for the park but the timing is terrible. I received an email today that they are using the park for the summer concert series and our local park theater group to use the park on the weekends as well.

4. This was also in the email. The new law enforcement officer will be covering the park at night on the weekends. He will also be using dogs at night. This is not a good thing for dogs that are scared of it. My understanding is that this officer has not been through any training on working with dogs yet. This is not a bad idea for our park. It could help with crime prevention.

5. We also received the proposal for the park master plan. This plan will help the city as a whole with where the park is located. It was not my favorite proposal to be put out to the neighborhood. There was a proposal that was more of a park like area in the east park and less of a naturalistic area. This plan is more similar to the one that was in front of the commission. I am very happy with it. It will look great and will really create a nice environment for people to walk and use the park. It is set up more like what I was originally told I could expect to have in my park. We still have to go through the public hearing process for the plan but I think it will be okay.

I hope to start meeting the neighborhood again and get more information from them on how they feel about the master plan and what we are getting for the park. I will be meeting with the different groups in the neighborhood and ask them what their thoughts on the project and what they want the park to look like. I am going to continue to be a voice for the park in my neighborhood. I hope to learn more about my community, why people live here, and try to get more involved.

I look forward to continuing this adventure and would love to have any support from the community to make it easier. Let me know how you feel about this park, what is your opinion of the project, and what you think about the plan. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you.

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