Why do dogs burp in your face

Why do dogs burp in your face

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Why do dogs burp in your face? It's a question many people ask and one we find puzzling because, if you've owned a dog, you know that it's not just a random burp, but a very specific burp that indicates your dog has something he or she needs to tell you.

Of course, any good owner knows how to stop a dog from burping and, if a dog burps in your face, it's often something you should stop. But if it's a frequent or stubborn burp, it can often be a sign that your dog may be ill and needs some attention. The following are things you need to know about the tell-tale burp, so you can tell the difference between the innocent, regular, "I need to do my business" burp and the danger zone burp.

What Is a Burp?

A dog burp is a noise that appears when air or food travels through the small intestines and stomach. Some dogs, like the English Bulldog, can produce loud, explosive burps because of the way their stomach and intestines work. A dog burp is different than a belch. Belches, like the ones you hear in the video above, are usually much longer, more guttural and much louder and are a combination of noises coming from your dog's mouth. Burps are smaller, usually, and a little quieter. If a dog is in pain, he may burp because he is passing gas.

In a medical setting, it's possible to hear a dog burp without knowing that the dog is giving you a warning about something. It is, however, not normal for a dog to be burping in a non-medical setting.

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Is This a Normal Dog Burp?

Yes. Burps are normal for many breeds of dogs. As I mentioned, they can help you communicate with your dog about a specific health issue. While there is a chance that it could just be a regular burp, it is much more likely to be a warning from your dog's stomach.

Dogs can also burp for other reasons. Sometimes, a dog might burp just to make noise. Sometimes a dog will have a bad case of gas and start burping, or, like the English Bulldog, will have a condition called bloat that causes them to belch.

This video is amazing because it shows two of the most normal things you can possibly hear — a dog burp and a regular burp — side by side. At the beginning of the video, it's obvious that it's a regular burp, but not that far into it, you can hear that the dog has started to burp, but only sporadically. If you're having a hard time trying to tell the difference, just remember that a dog's burp is usually slower and more intense than a regular burp, which tends to be shorter and louder.

If You Think Your Dog Is Burping, Don't Panic

Even if you think that your dog is suffering from a medical issue, there is a chance that it's nothing to worry about. While a small percentage of dogs can burp for reasons like the ones mentioned above, more often than not, it's a symptom of something more important.

While a dog's burp is usually loud enough to wake you up, it's rare that it's loud enough to bother you or someone else nearby. That being said, you should still do what you can to keep your dog's burps to a minimum. When they do happen, and you're not immediately sure if it's caused by something serious or not, it's best to make a mental note.

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