Spanish water dogs: character

Spanish water dogs: character

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The Perro de Agua Español has a very special character. Spanish Water Dogs are cautious of all strangers, but very loyal and affectionate once they have trusted them. Spanish water dogs are close relatives of the Portuguese water dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Daz Brown Photography

Spanish water dogs have their origins as herding and fishing dogs. Even today they still have the character of a working dog: they are capable of learning, obedient and adaptable. When the Perro de Agua Español gets to know something new - or a new person - it is initially very reserved, almost shy. The possible dogs for allergy sufferers can also bark when something is uncomfortable. That makes them very good guard dogs. However, a Spanish water dog is never aggressive.

Spanish water dogs: restraint is required

However, you should take a good look around the breeder when buying a puppy. The character can often be guessed at a young age. As careful as the Perros de Agua Español are when they don't know something or someone, they are also faithful and loyal when they love someone. The curly heads often have a "favorite person" whom they follow everywhere. If he leaves them alone, they can suffer a lot.

Water dogs: sporty four-legged friends with a special hairstyle

Character of working dogs

Due to their history as herding dogs, Spanish water dogs are still very active and willing to work. Lazing around is absolutely not their thing - movement and a task are needed! If the dogs are well used for allergy sufferers with sports, they are very balanced animals. Of course, it is important to be consistent when training dogs. Living with children is also not a problem with the good-natured character of the four-legged friends.

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