Is cat food bad for raccoons

Is cat food bad for raccoons

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Is cat food bad for raccoons?

I had two kittens this past weekend (they were actually born the other week) and I fed them Purina kitten chow and wet food, which I had never fed before.

The kittens are about 11 weeks old, and I noticed this past week that they started getting sickly and lethargic, then this past weekend they were running around, jumping up and down and their eyes were not dilated. This past Saturday, they were too weak to even get up and walk to me when I came home from work and they were just laying on the floor.

I've had these issues before and know to take them to the vet, but it was too late this time. They both looked like their bodies were shutting down, the kitten was coughing and the other was just laying in the corner with their eyes shut and looking dead. It was too late to save them. They were only 11 weeks old.

My question is, are cat foods bad for raccoons? Why would that be? Do I need to make sure they get meat-based cat food? Do cat foods contn the right nutrients that raccoons would be eating?

We've had a ton of raccoons in our area lately, and they've been killing a lot of our birds. A friend of mine sd that it would be smart to put a trap in our garage, but he isn't very familiar with trapping and wanted me to do it for him. I'm not interested in killing animals or anything, so would like to figure out how to trap these critters and save our birds. We have two dogs and no cats, and we never see raccoons coming into our house. This is a very small home, and I would like to figure out how to keep them from coming in and killing our birds.

You can't make raccoons not to be in your yard, you just have to have your traps in your yard. They will be there.

If you are feeding your cats the best they can eat (and it is a better option than canned, and dry is better), then there is no reason to think that the raccoons would not be getting their required nutrients.

You have to do something to reduce the number of raccoons.

How do you feel about getting rid of them?

I have heard of people getting rid of them (i.e., bting their traps, etc.), and I think that's a good way to do it. However, we just want to make sure our birds are safe and our pets are fed good food and not have to worry about getting sick from the raccoons. I just don't want to be killing them. I would really like some suggestions on how to keep them out of our yard.

My experience has been that raccoons will be in your yard, but the trap will work. I've caught at least four raccoons in three different neighborhoods over the past two years. I think the most recent one was a year ago. But I had a neighbor who put down some kind of nasty stuff in their traps that kept them from killing raccoons, so I can't say how it would work for you. I would suggest bting your traps, but that's just me.

Raccoons can be dangerous to birds, especially in the spring.

What you need to consider is, how do you control the damage? If you have a bird feeder, you will probably need to remove it or you will need to have someone with a netting over it (the feeder needs to be screened or they can get through that). If you have a garden, you will need to cover that, too. If your cat food has a cat box, you will have to make sure you don't allow them outside to use it, or your cat will be getting sick (or worse). You can make a tent over the garden if you don't want them in it.

I had this same problem, and I did something to solve it (or at least to reduce it). I purchased a bird netting with a hole for my bird feeder to go through (it's not too expensive), so that way, if a raccoon tries to get in, they'll go through the netting and be unable to get back out. I had a similar problem with my cats' boxes, so I just made a tent (and I used the old tennis shoe box, so it was easy to make).

The reason raccoons are in your yard is that they can get in, they can feed, and they can have babies in your yard. It doesn't matter that they have never been in your house, if you feed them, they will be there. I'm not sure how it works with your birds, but raccoons are notorious for taking young ones and the parents, and I'm sure that's what's happening here.

You should get some kind of solution. And if you don't want to trap the raccoons, there is something you can use. Get some bird food and feed it to your birds. When the raccoons come, feed them the birds' food. They'll leave when they're full, and you can leave the birds alone (or not feed them, if you want to be a little mean about it). That's what I did for at least six years, and it worked very well (but it was kind of expensive).

So, it seems to me that there's only one way to go about it. You either bt your traps, which is a bad idea, or you bt your bird feeder (you'll have to have some kind of screen on the feeder), or you feed your birds something other than bird food.

How big is your yard? I know you don't want to kill them, but if you are only feeding them cat food and not something they would eat, that might not be a good thing. In my experience, you need to feed them something they would eat.

I have a raccoon problem, too. I live in Florida. We have plenty of pine trees. Our problem with raccoons

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