Bio spot for dogs

Bio spot for dogs

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Bio spot for dogs

Our spot has to be one of the biggest dog spots in New Zealand. We are in the North Island but we are in the heart of a growing dog loving area.

We can give you the full range of canine services and a speciality in pet grooming.

We would love to meet you. If you have any questions please get in touch!

Our Location:

Hobsonville Pets

Hobsonville Pets

Hobsonville Pets

We provide grooming, pet sitting and dog walking services in and around Hobsonville.

We are a small local business and we understand that pet owners like to have their own space in which to leave their pets. That’s why we have set up our dog grooming and pet sitting services in a beautiful part of Northland. We are the ideal location for anyone looking for dog grooming services.

With us you will be able to get a full range of dog care in a lovely, safe, relaxing and comfortable environment.

We love dogs. We understand that you want to enjoy the great outdoors and have a fun time with your best friend. You don’t want to worry about dog walking and dog care. That is our priority at Hobsonville Pets.

We offer dog grooming and pet sitting services in Hobsonville at the following prices:

Hobsonville Pets

Groom the Dog

$15 per dog

1 hr

Pet Sitting

$20 per pet

1 hr

Our services include:

Full Dog Grooming

Dog Bathing

Dry Shampooing

Full Dog Grooming – $15 per dog

In this price range we offer full dog grooming in a comfortable and clean environment. We will groom your dog to a standard you want.

Dog Bathing – $15 per dog

This price includes dog bathing in a safe environment. Your dog will be thoroughly washed and dried before you return to pick them up. This can be done at home or at the location of your choice.

Dry Shampooing – $15 per dog

This service is designed for your dog to have a deep clean before your return. It will eliminate the need for shampooing. Your dog will be thoroughly dried and groomed. This service can be done at your home or at our location.


Our prices include a thorough dog grooming and brush your dog thoroughly and evenly. If you would like to have your dog combed we will do so at no extra cost. This can be done either at our Hobsonville location or at your home.


The price of dog bathing is the same as for dog grooming and includes a thorough wash and drying. This can be done at either our location or at your home.

Please note – your dog will need to be walked and exercised prior to the dog bathing service. We will ask you to walk your dog and bring the dog to us on a walking harness if they are old and arthritic. You will be expected to exercise your dog for a minimum of half an hour.


We understand that some pet owners can’t leave their pets alone. We are happy to provide a home safe environment in which to let your pets run wild.

We offer pet sitting services for a minimum of one hour and can do up to four hours. Please note that the prices will vary depending on the time you choose for your pets to be left.

We can be contacted on the detls below to book your pet sitting service or if you have any questions.

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