Sirius dog rescue romania

Sirius dog rescue romania

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Sirius dog rescue romania

Sirius dog rescue romania

Sirius dog rescue romania

For any rescue organizations which take in abandoned dogs or cats, the number one thing to remember is that the pet was given to the rescue in the first place. If they had never been abandoned, they would never have been taken in. So, even if you can’t save all the pets from those with no home, you can still help the ones that are given a chance.

All dogs go through trning. It’s a requirement for some organizations, and for many, it’s a standard of the humane society where the dogs originate. Whether the trning is done in person, on-line, or by an outside source, it is done, and if you have a dog, then the trning should have been completed.

You don’t necessarily need the full curriculum, but you should be able to see that the dog is properly trned, and that he is not only safe but happy and comfortable as he is in his own environment. If the shelter has a video or photography to show proof of the dog’s trning, that is even better.

You need to know where your dog came from. If it’s a puppy, you may be able to see it or the mother of the puppy. If it’s a senior, you may be able to contact the previous owner or see a letter or something written in the dog’s paw.

This is especially important if you have an adult or older dog who does not have clear proof that he came from a shelter or breeder. Many shelters make the mistake of not doing an accurate background check. Many dogs with good homes are placed in shelters when they were found off-leash or running loose, when their home was destroyed, or when they were pulled from a car, or even adopted, and placed in a kennel.

The more you know about your dog, the easier it will be to identify the right home for him.

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“This is a shelter dog, this is a breed-specific rescues, and this is a rescue. These are the three things that we can’t help but focus on and remember when we think of our dogs.”


Woofs volunteers donate their time and work on a free service to help dogs all over the world find their way to loving families.

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Woofs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Woofs is open to all, but is very particular about the standards for shelter dogs. If your dog is looking for a home with standards just as high, go to shelters.Woofs is very proud to serve dogs from around the world.

Woofs is a volunteer-run nonprofit, so all our help comes with free time. If you need help, please contact us at [email protected]

We do not ship dogs.

I understand Woofs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All our help comes with free time. If you need help, please contact us at [email protected]

Woofs does not accept pd sponsorships. Please do not contact us about donations.

We do not adopt dogs.

Our volunteers are wonderful people who take dogs in without thinking, and without expecting to take a dog in. Some of them do just that and others of them do more.

Woofs do not have a shelter of our own.

Our goal is to find good homes for dogs that have been through a variety of rescues and shelters. Our goal is also to help shelters improve their quality. So we work with a variety of different groups.

We do not take dogs from shelters or from rescues with breed-specific requirements.

We will never ask a shelter or rescue group to accept a dog whose home circumstances make it impossible for it to stay in that home. That would defeat the whole point of a rescue or shelter. And we know that no one ever really wants to give up a dog because it’s the wrong breed for their lifestyle, or not big enough or cute enough. We need to work with people, not dogs.

Woofs does not have free boarding facilities for dogs.

We work with a lot of shelters and rescues. We can’t take every dog they’ve given to us and we don’t know about every facility they’re willing to put a dog in.

We need your help to keep things working well.

That’s why we ask for people’s help: donations, time, and skills.

We want to work together to make life better for dogs that need our help.

That means we need to share all the good things we do with our visitors, supporters, volunteers, and the dogs that are part of those groups. The less we tell about the bad, the less chance we’ll have to lose that funding.

Please do not

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