Akita dog harness uk

Akita dog harness uk

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Akita dog harness uk

Aka-doh (UK), AKC – Aka-doh (UK) is a registered charity committed to the welfare and care of Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Alaskan Malamute mixes and other related Alaskan Dog Breeds.Aka-doh (UK) supports all Akitas and our AKC registered breeding kennels and the Akita Club of America are all Akita-breed friendly.Aka-doh (UK) is for the owners, breeders and lovers of the Akita and has been established since 2003.Aka-doh (UK) is also a registered charity in the UK and operates from an office in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, from where it runs and develops programs for the Akita and related breeds.Aka-doh (UK) works closely with other responsible organizations, including the AKC and other AKC-registered kennels.Aka-doh (UK) is the only AKC-licensed AKC-registered charity in the UK.Its mn activities are: To contribute to the promotion of the Akita and related breeds in the UK and to continue the work of others with Akitas and other related breeds.To establish a database of all Akitas and Akita-related dogs, their history, trning and future.To provide a voice for Akitas and related breeds in the UK.To campgn for improved Akita breeding standards and practices.To offer Akita and related breeds with veterinary, husbandry and medical care.To establish a central contact point for any Akita and related breeds that are currently registered with the AKC, or are thinking about registering.To encourage the registration of all Akita and related breeds in the UK.To run the annual AKC-UK AKITA SHOW in association with the AKC in the UK, which is held at the York Barbican Centre in the UK, every October.The AKC-UK AKITA SHOW features the UK championship, under which all other AKC-UK AKITA SHOW qualifying shows are judged.This Show is currently held at the York Barbican Centre in the UK.Other activities include: To establish a database of the UK AKITA and AKITA-related breeds.To work with the international AKC-UK AKITA SHOW Association, which organises the global AKITA SHOW every 2 years in the USA.To provide veterinary, husbandry and medical care for Akitas and related breeds in the UK.

A group of AKITAs, their owners and friends are also working hard on establishing the AKITA and AKITA-related breeds in the USA. They are making good progress and the USA AKITA SHOW is currently being held in the USA each year in conjunction with the AKC. Other AKITAs and their owners and friends are making good progress in other areas of the UK including, establishing and mntning UK breed standards, establishing UK breeding clubs, mntning UK breed clubs and kennels.

We appreciate that this is an ongoing task and that it is a difficult task. Our first priority is to establish a register for each AKITA and AKITA-related breed in the UK. Once this is achieved we will be able to continue to assist breeders with pedigree analysis and to provide veterinary care for AKITAs.

Your support and encouragement will help us on our way, by supporting breeding programmes for your specific AKITA and/or its related breeds.

Your financial support enables us to provide assistance, advice and advice to breeders on pedigree selection and breeding.

Your support and encouragement for us will help all the AKITAs and AKITA-related breeds in the UK to have a wonderful future.

PLEASE help us by adding to your list of personal AKITA or AKITA-related breeders and providing us with any contact detls.

Please add the AKITA or AKITA-related breed and/or its AKITA-related breeds in your comments.

Please click on the below logos to visit the respective breed pages on AKC-UK website:


There are currently 14 breeds and sub-breeds of AKITAs showing at the 2017 AKITA SHOW. Click on the pictures to view the breeders.


Once we have a working list of AKITA breeders, we will be able to establish a AKITA Breeder's Registry. This will enable breeders to upload their pedigrees to a secure database that can be accessed by all our AKITA breeders. By enabling breeders to register their breeding lines we will be able to provide pedigree assistance and advice and will be able to establish a more accurate pedigree analysis of all AKITAs.


To create an independent, professional AKITA organisation that can be guided by and controlled by AKITA breeders.

To provide a platform for all AKITA breeders to meet regularly and interact freely with each other and with the AKC-UK and AKITA.

To provide a forum where we can exchange experiences and help all AKITA and AKITA-related breeds in the UK to have a wonderful future.

To enable AKITA breeders to have a worldwide audience for their offspring and to create a database of breeding lines and pedigrees that can be added to over time.

To educate and inform AKITA breeders and the public in order to promote the correct and correct and well-bred AKITA.


The AKITA organisation was formed to unite all AKITA breeders under a single umbrella. In doing so we have now created an exclusive AKITA breeders registry with a database of pedigrees of all the AKITA breeds.

These records are now made freely avlable to other AKITA breeders and owners to be able to trace the lineage of any AKITA they wish to purchase.


The AKITA organisation was formed with the mn ms of setting up an umbrella breeders organisation of all AKITA breeders and a register of breeding lines of all AKITA breeds. We have now also created an exclusive breeders

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