Get the dog used to a muzzle: with patience and small steps

Get the dog used to a muzzle: with patience and small steps

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It is not one of the easiest tasks for a dog owner to get his four-legged friend used to a muzzle. With the necessary patience, flair and the right tips, you can do it! French bulldog with muzzle - Shutterstock / spflaum

If you have selected a suitable muzzle for your dog, it is important to get your four-legged friend used to his new "accessory". Sometimes that's easier said than done. Therefore, you should create the right conditions from the outset: Always plan enough time, about eight weeks should be enough. The habituation should not be under time pressure and stress, but should be approached with patience and calm. Very important: Your dog should not connect the basket with something negative, but should at least be neutral towards it. Above all, this means that you must never use the muzzle if you want to punish your dog.

Make the muzzle an everyday item

Your dog should first build some confidence in the muzzle and learn that it is not a danger to them. Show him the good piece and just leave it in the apartment so that he can sniff it at any time and examine it. Tip: Use the muzzle as a toy first. From the second week you can, for example, have your four-legged friend eat regularly out of the muzzle and pass one or two treats through it - this gives you a positive feeling.

Get your four-legged friend used to wearing the muzzle

From the third week onwards, you can begin to get your dog used to actually carrying the basket - first of all only inside the apartment. First put the muzzle on temporarily, do not fully secure it and remove it after about a minute. Repeat the procedure and reward your four-legged friend if he can put up with it. If your animal friend takes part well, extend the wearing times and close the muzzle properly and tighten it - but always make sure that nothing rubs or sticks.

If everything goes smoothly in your own four walls, you can go outside. Especially on the first walks with a muzzle, you should choose walking routes that your four-legged friend already knows well - then he is not faced with too many innovations at once. Do not skimp on praise when your dog wears its muzzle without contradiction to encourage it in its behavior.

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